Plants "R" Us has been doing landscape design for over 25 years. There are many facets of an aesthetic landscape design. Incorporating customer preferences, accentuating the style of the house and the lay of the land on the property are all emphasized in the design process. Building an interpersonal relationship with you, the customer, allows us to bring your vision to life.

Lawn Preparation

We take the time to analyze the layout of your property. Sometimes we can "bring a yard back" by a regimented fertilization and watering schedule. However, sometimes more care is needed to get the yard that you desire. This may involve grading the property to alleviate low points and water pooling or installing a new lawn. When it comes to installing a new yard, the style that we choose is hydroseeding.


Do you have water problems on your property? Are there low spots that seem to retain water? In our years of experience, we've learned to alleviate any flooding problems by redesigning the terrain on your property to properly guide the water flow or lack thereof. By bringing in or removing excess soil from the property, we can redesign a lawn that best suits your location.


Hydroseeding has become the industry standard for grass planting because of its ease and effectiveness. Here at Plants "R" Us Plus, this process of using seed, water, fertilizer and fiber mulch together allows us to create the perfect new lawn. Moisture levels are assured by using this mixture of seed and mulch. The end result is a yard that comes in consistent, unlike an older-style of seed and hay.

Brick & Stone Patios

Below are phenomenal examples of just a handful of the projects we have done in our 25 years:

In today's busy world, it is very valuable to have a place where you can go for serenity and peace. At Plants "R" Us Plus, we can create either a small or large scale patio for you to relax and unwind. If used properly, your new patio can be an additional living space that can be an extension of your home and creativity. We will advise what look and feel will mesh with your home's character and existing landscape.

Brick & Stone Walkways

A way to accentuate your property and add a nice individual touch is to add custom brick and stone walkways. These walkways can be as simplistic as a walk to your front door or as comprehensive as a winding, circular path around your English garden. We can build any type of brick and stone walkway that you desire.

Block Retaining Walls

The reason why most home owners would want to build a retaining wall is to avoid potential flooding issues along with erosion. The walls are aesthetically pleasing as well. You can take advantage of sloping areas on your property with plants and flower beds. Plants "R" Us Plus is experienced building retaining walls for various functions.

Based on your property, we will assess which type of retaining wall would best fit your need: a gravity wall, piling wall, anchored wall, or cantilever wall. Gravity walls work depending on the weight of their mass. We will use a concrete, stone, or other heavy material to resist pressures from behind the wall. Typically, we would use a piling wall in an area with soft soil and a tight space. Anchored walls are walls that require additional strength such as cables to help alleviate the stress of the ground pushing against it. Finally, a cantilever wall requires concrete footings below seasonal frost depth. This type of wall, unlike a gravity wall, uses much less material.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting your property or patio can literally and figuratively add a new light to your landscape. Lighting on patios, if executed properly, can make your patio a destination for not only during the day, but also at night. The soft glow of a properly placed light can make your patio feel much warmer and inviting. Another benefit to landscape lighting is the added security. Your illuminated property will discourage would-be intruders from trespassing. It is always a great benefit to see where you are stepping at night. Adding lights along your walkways will ensure visitors and family a safe walking path.

Complete Sprinkler System

One of the best ways to protect your investment of time and money in a yard is a sprinkler system. The hot summer months of July and August can burn and ruin any yard, whether sod or natural. A sprinkler system will keep your lawn looking pristine and healthy. Imagine not having to go out in the hot summer heat, standing in place with a hose, spraying your lawn ineffectively. This will save you time and money, not to mention having the most beautiful yard on the street.

Spring & Fall Cleanup Lawn Maintenance

Some of the most labor-intensive work on your property happens during the spring and fall. In the spring, cleaning out the winter's destruction and fall's left-behind leaves can be a very cumbersome task. In the fall, having to remove leaves alone is backbreaking work. There is much more, though, to what we like to call in the profession "spring and fall cleanups." Being knowledgeable of the plants, trees, and shrubbery on your property is very critical to their health and survival. Some plants, for example, need to be cut back before winter. Some plants need to be covered in the spring because of the risk of a frost. We can not only help with the backbreaking work, but we can help protect your plants and your investment along the way.

Snow & Ice Management

Living in the snowbelt, we all know the frustration of the winter months. One major frustration is snow buildup on your driveway or commercial property. We have the capability to cleanup any amount of snow in a dependable, timely fashion. We provide snowplowing, ice control, sidewalk shoveling, and removal of snow from the premises. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can typically be at your property within an hour.


We have dyed and natural mulch for sale. We can deliver locally to your home or business. We can clean out the existing beds and mulch for you or we can simply deliver the mulch to you for use at your own discretion.